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You Need To Build A Successful Relationship with your horse!  

Have you struggled with going to the Arena but not "knowing" exactly what to work on? Knowing you need to have a purpose and you want to change things but not knowing what "TO DO".  Brandi has designed a step by step online program that gives you a lesson plan so you don't have to question yourself ANYMORE!! 

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Brandi brings you the most comprehensive training opportunity out there!!! 


Come immerse yourself for an entire month! You and your horse will dive deep into a program where you get to focus on perfecting your riding and your communication skills.  

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"Brandi Lyons’ Performance Program has forever changed the way I ride and train my horses.

It has opened up a whole new level of understanding as to the “why and how” we train and teach certain maneuvers in the beginning - setting the horse up correctly for a bright future. This bright future begins to become manifested throughout this intense program as you begin to literally feel the horse better itself through correct carriage of its body and utilization of the building blocks instilled by early training. The amount and level of instruction throughout this program is like none I have ever experienced. For anyone who is looking to accelerate their horsemanship by leaps and bounds, and quite possibly faster than any other type of instruction that is even available, you must attend Brandi’s Performance Program!"

-Megan Alexander 

No Limits Online School


Learn from the comfort of your own home!  

Step by step programs that will set you up to meet and surpass your goals! 



Ground Work Series 


Use this Virtual Class to change how you look, react with and train your horse.  


Taking a horse completely through all the ground work, through all the fundamentals, and even starting to play with tricks and liberty work.  


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Brandi did can you! 


This Virtual Program takes you from ground to saddle.  Learn to communicate clearly, for your horse to listen and respect you, and build a lasting relationship.   Come join others and get to the point where you can go live your dreams with your horse!  


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Having a solid trail horse is now a few clicks away.


In this virtual program Brandi takes you through the safest and most proven method in a step by step process in building a confident and relaxed horse on the trail.  Brandi will show you how to build your horses confidence so that you and your horse can start enjoying how to trail ride safely!  


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Guthrie Mayor "MJ" invites you to join his journey on building a partnership with Brandi!  

MJ began his journey in March 2022 at Road to the Horse.  For the next year Brandi wants you to be apart of his life.  You will get to see updates on him becoming a solid, safe, and fun horse.  He will learn not only all the basics but he will learn tricks, liberty work, performance riding, and much much more.  Join in on a complete journey from beginning to end.  If you want to have all the instructional videos of what he learns go to the Guthrie MJ's Online Program.    

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There are 2 ways to follow MJ on his journey! 


The community page is for involvement and inspiration.   The online program is the complete unedited videos of the training process. 

The community page will have some educational videos, but mostly will have recaps on anything I do with him where I will be saying what I did with him that day, what my goals were and what I accomplished.  I will also post more inspirational and fun videos and have ways for the subscribers to talk and give ideas of what they want to see.  It's more of a chat and "instagram" type of involvement.  Although if you want anything specific and want to know the "how"  just ask and I can always try to help or post a video.   

The Online Program will have every video that I take in depth about each thing I teach him.  You will have full/live/unedited videos of everything I do.  There will be audio and I will be talking and teaching as I do the videos as well.  Every encounter is recorded and I teach everything I do.  You will see on a daily basis exactly what I do and I will teach you the why, the how, and the when to do it with the horse. 

When choosing I recommend to do the community page and then if you are wanting to train your own horse or just get the knowledge of what the actual training looks like then do the Online Program.   The Community Page you can ask questions and get feedback.  Both programs are ideal if you want to be involved and want to follow along and do everything with your own horse and know how to do each lesson. 

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 Have you ever wanted a career in the horse business?  Do you want to help others and their horses?  Are you interested in being a facilitator in the Brandi Lyons method? 


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4 Day Riding Clinics 






Individualized attention for each rider allows the clinic to be 100% for you and what you need!  


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