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The Draw

Dec 03, 2021

Brandi Lyons Fundamentals:

 The fundamentals are like tools for your tool box. Screw drivers, hammers, nails, etc… are needed by a carpenter. These fundamentals are needed in order to build your foundation to developing a quality horse. You need a great foundation to go into any discipline.


There are 11 Fundamentals.  The Draw is one of them.



The Draw

    • What is it… It is when you draw their front feet over their back feet. The back feet will stand still and the front feet move around them. Turn on the haunches, spin are all based on this step.
    • Why … It will teach the neck rein, it will teach the beginning of the spin and the move off your leg, and it will help with directional control.
    • How…Start with asking your horse to walk forward. Then take your hands and move slightly (2-3 inches) down one side of your reins then take your hand or hands to your hip on that side. You want to make sure it’s just outside your hip the angle of the pull is important. (Elbow up and hand to hip) It will help make sure he does not bend his head that he will feel the neck rein come across his neck and push his shoulder back towards his back feet making him draw back over his hind end. Once you feel his back feet stop and his front feet come around release and walk forward. Then go the other direction. As it gets easier and easier start having him go around more. Instead of half a circle a full circle, then 2 circles and so on. Then do it at a trot, they will have to come to a walk to do the maneuver but trot in-between having them do the maneuver.