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Tap into your inner childhood and start dreaming again.  

It is time to breath again....


From your own home you can learn to change that inner voice that says you can't or you shouldn't into... I am doing it! 



Learn how to...

  • Control your emotions
  • Control your body
  • Control your horse's emotions
  • Control your horse's body 
  • Step-by-step Instructions to where you never will feel out of control again.


Don't Fear Future 


Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today. 

  • You can learn how to ride and communicate clearly. 
  • Your horse can learn to be calm. Your horse can learn to relax. Your horse can learn to listen to you.
  • You can teach that horse to go where you want to go at the speed you want to go there! 


The fears we do not face become our limits.  

Brandi wants to show you that there are NO LIMITS for you!  

  • Build Trust between you and your horse
  • Work on your communication skills. Learn to speak a language your horse understands.  
  • Be the person your horse needs you to be so they can RELY on you to get them through each and every ride.  

                                     What's Included

24 Video Lessons

Clear, detailed lessons in which Brandi teaches exercises you can do that will teach you how to earn your horses trust, your horse earn your trust and you will build a lasting relationship.  Starting from ground work all the way to you loping circles confidently.  These videos  are yours to keep forever when you enroll.

Ground Work

Learn how to get them to turn and face you in any situation, follow you, lunge over obstacles, come to you at a trot, and much more.  Once you have built your confidence on the ground you will know that you have a form of language that will help your horse control his emotions and you control yours... it will be time to ride.  

Time to Ride 

Learn how to get them to come over and pick you up at the mounting block, stand perfectly still, stretch and relax and then start riding.  You will then learn shoulder control, hip control, all the fundamentals.  You will become successful with directional control, speed control, circles, side passing and much more.  


Connect with supportive, like-minded students & leverage accountability partners & checkpoints to maximize results. We know after 2020 how important community is... here is your chance to have friends that feel the same way you do! 

Forums and Feedback 

Ask all your questions, and get direct answers weekly from Brandi. Plus, submit training videos, and get individualized feedback on your work!  There will also be facilitators that Brandi has certified to teach that will be available.  

Downloadable Guides

Written instructions for each new idea or exercise will be available for youth print and take to the barn. These are there to help you remember each step of each lesson and to reach you to focus on the  lesson just think about this one step.  

What customers are saying...

After losing our horse that we had for over twenty years to old age, the fear of riding a different a new one was overwhelming. I started doing Brandi’s Fear Program a lesson at a time. I progressed through the program slowly making sure I understood the steps. It was helpful to be able to have the video with me when I went to the barn to ride, so I could rewatch as many times as needed to. The weekly phone calls with the group and Brandi were great to get clarification and encouragement from everyone. There were even a few times that I had a Facetime call with Brandi while I was riding so she could watch the issue I was having and explain what I needed to do. I would highly recommend the Fear Program to anyone struggling with Fear. I love Brandi’s program and love learning from her.


This program was a game changer for me. Getting to know my horse in a different way has helped ease the fear of “what if”. Brandi’s step by step explanations are clear and easy to follow. I felt the confidence start to build on day one. If I ever got stuck, all I had to do was reach out and ask for help. You wont regret taking this course, but you may regret not taking it! Your horse will love you for it, and you’ll feel pretty good about yourself too.


Through the virtual fear program I have met some amazing people! What means the most is not having to think. “I’m the only one who is scared!” We all have fears, you are not alone!! Brandi is there for you the whole way, through any good or bad…she makes you want to be brave and succeed!!!


It is time to Believe...


Believe in YOU!  


Believe in your horse!  



It is time for your to become the horseman you have wanted to become!  



If you believe in yourself Anything is possible!  





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Lifetime Access


This program is truly an amazing journey for you to experience not only with your horse, but to learn about yourself through your horses eyes. "Once you free yourself of your fears you will truly be at peace."


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