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I care about your goals.

I find out where you are at with your horse now and where you want to go. Then I put you on the correct path to meet your goals.  You will not work on exercises that you do not need, only the ones that fit your goals.  I will show you what tools you need to be successful in building the relationship you are looking for.

I am about the Details.

I give every detail so that you do not feel like you have to fill in the gaps.  I give instruction that makes sense.  I believe in keeping it simple and making it relate to what we already know.  Horses are easy but somehow we have made it difficult.  I will show you exactly how they learn, what they need from you, and how to go about it in a successful way.

I am real.  

When I work with you in the clinics I am not giving you a quick fix, I will give you the tools to go out and be successful in the discipline that you ride in. I give real things that you can go out and do. I believe that your hands, your bottom, and your legs train the horse so you do not need to buy anything you just need the time and the right exercise.

I am honest.

Every product I sell or if you ride with me I give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you buy something from me and you do not like it I will give you a refund no questions asked.  If you ride with me in a clinic and you do not attain your goals you can get your money back.  I want people to know that I believe in what I tell you.  I believe in what I sell, I believe in my clinics, I believe in doing the right thing.

I can relate to you.

I am a mother of 5 girls, I am almost 40 years old, I have been hurt, my income is incredibly important to our family, I have a special needs daughter that I cannot be out of commission for… the list goes on.  All of which help me be more careful.  All of these have also brought out a fear in me.  I use to ride never thinking about the consequences but now I do. When teaching you I will understand that you cannot get hurt and I will teach you in a way that helps you become strong and independent without fear.  I too worry about what people think, we all do, so I will not judge you.  I will not make you feel less than or that you are not good enough.  I will help you the same way I would want help if I was learning a new sport.

I want you to succeed.  Period.

I have been working with horses and their owners for over 20 years. I want to show you that you can do this.  That you “Got This”!  I want to help you be successful in your journey.  If you want to be a safe trail rider, a successful ranch sorter, you want to learn how to spin, do flying lead changes, pick up the correct lead, have fun playing at liberty, walk your horse safely from one location to another, get your horse to stand still while getting on, or finally understand those dressage moves… I promise to give you all that I am and will help you with any goal that you have.

I teach a method that has been proven time and time again.  I teach it in a way that everyone can understand it and carry through with it.  I will help you every step of the way.  Please come ride with me!

God Bless,

3 Day Riding Clinic 

These clinics are for beginner, intermediate, or advanced riders.  Typically will be on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

4 Day Riding Clinic 

These clinics are for beginner, intermediate, or advanced riders.  Typically will be on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.