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Meet the Team!


I am so proud of my trainers. These trainers are all incredible with horses but they are also incredible people. Honest, Hard working, and are able to get the job done! I love each and everyone of these trainers and am excited for you to get to know them! Good luck in your journey! Enjoy the ride!

Certified Level 1 Trainers 

These trainers have gone through the Level 1 Certification.  They worked with me for a minimum of 4 months.  Learning how to break out colts, solve problems, teaching any horse to be able to walk, trot, and lope nicely.  They know how to make a solid trail horse.  They will do well with the average horse owners needs.  

Meet the Trainers

Certified Level 2 Trainers 

Level 2 trainers have gone through the Performance training as well as the Level 1 Certification.  These trainers can not only start a horse but begin to finish a horse in most disciplines.  If you are looking to advance your horse into a discipline and have a more performance feel to your horse; ie softer mouth, more collected, and more body control, then these are the trainers I would hire.  

Meet the Trainers

Virtual Certified Facilitators 

These trainers have had access to the online facilitator program. Through this program they have been able to connect with me to ask questions and get video feedback.    They have lifetime availability to all the exercises it would take to train the average client's horse. If you send your horse in for training or do a program with them they will be able to get my feedback and help if needed.  

Meet the Trainers