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Since I was young and on the road with my dad, John Lyons, I would dream about one day being able to help riders feel confident in their skills and help horses feel at peace with their owners. The two combined is so important to me.  My family and I had always done this through clinics, traveling across the country doing 3-5 day riding clinics.  From 1998-2013 I did this through taking horses in on monthly training and lessons. Since 2013 my kids were grown enough that I could go back on the road and help those through clinics. 


"Over the last 25 years I have been very proud of helping riders and their horses build long lasting relationships." 



With the help of a pandemic, I finally got the courage to try a new way of teaching.  During 2020 I had to change my thought and wanted to help riders from the comforts of their own home.  I did not know exactly how to do that, so I ran some trial classes. I knew I did not want to do the normal online school where there wasn't a step by step guide to a goal.  I wanted the classes to be goal oriented so the rider had individual attention for what they were personally wanting to achieve in their journey.  And honestly I was so surprised by the results!  I am so excited to now offer another way to work with me but from your own home and on your own time line.

Now I use my experiences online through virtual programs to help others start and grow their own successful relationships with their horses and some of you, a new career!!  I still do offer clinics throughout the country and I do my immersion programs, where you spend a month with me working on specific goals.





Helping riders feel like they are worthy is a huge part of the rider/horse experience.  Riders need to know that they are worthy of having expectations from their horse.  The best part is that when the rider has good expectations then the horse feels cared for and safe with knowing what those expectations are.  They do not have to guess and hope that they won't get into trouble.  Teaching riders what to expect, how to communicate those expectations, and to get those expectations is the  focus on all her programs.


Brandi uses her experiences to help riders through clinics throughout the country, virtual programs that you can do from home, and month long intensive riding programs at her facility in Arizona.

Brandi has been published in Horse and Rider, Western Horseman, Perfect Horse, Horse Illustrated, The Trail Rider, blogs, and much more.

She will be competing in the 2022 Road to the Horse and is proud to be apart of such a great organization.

Are you ready to build a long lasting relationship with your horse?


Join one of my online programs to get guidance for every step of your journey!


Ground Work Series 


Use this Virtual Class to change how you look, react with and train your horse.  


Taking a horse completely through all the ground work, through all the fundamentals, and even starting to play with tricks and liberty work.  



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OVERCOME your FEAR!!  Brandi did can you! 


This Virtual Program takes you from ground to saddle.  Learn to communicate clearly, for your horse to listen and respect you, and build a lasting relationship.   Come join others and get to the point where you can go live your dreams with your horse!



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Having a solid trail horse is now a few clicks away.


In this program Brandi takes you through the safest and most proven method in a step by step process in building a confident horse on the trail.  Brandi will show you how to build your horses confidence so that you and your horse can start enjoying how to trail ride safely! 



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