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It is time to start enjoying trail rides instead of worrying about them! 


Emotional Training 

Learn how to feel what your horse is feeling.

  • Build your horse's confidence. 
  • Teach your horse to relax. 
  • Help your horse understand that he can rely on you.


Speed Control 

Know how to get your horse to go any speed you want at any time.  

  • Using shoulders to speed up or slow down your horse. 
  • Stop a horse from jigging.  
  • Be able to add speed to your horse without adding emotions.  


Lessons where you can watch Brandi train a horse.  You will see exactly what it takes to get the horse to understand the cue.  All the while she will be giving her step by step instructions. 



Connect with supportive, like-minded students & leverage accountability partners & checkpoints to maximize results. We know after 2020 how important community is... here is your chance to have friends that feel the same way you do! 

Downloadable Documents 

Written instructions for each new idea or exercise will be available for you to print and take to the barn. These are there to help you remember each step of each lesson.



Ask all your questions, and get direct answers weekly from Brandi. Plus, submit training videos, and get individualized feedback on your work!  There will also be facilitators that Brandi has certified to teach that will be available.

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  • Lifetime Access 
  • Community 
  • Detailed Instructions 
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