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Level 1 




These Trainers are hard working, honest, and will be able to train your horse with methods you can trust.  


They will Love and Take care of your horse just as you do.  

  • They got into this because they love horses. 
  • They sought out methods that cared for the horse and the owners needs.   
  • Safety, Confidence and Consistent Cues are their goals.  Make sure the rider and horse are safe, that the rider and horse build their confidence while in training, and at the end the rider knows how the horses cues and the horse listens and understands those cues.    


Meet The Trainers

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Dana De Frates 

De Frates Horsemanship

Trains out of Gilroy, California 

 Megan Alexander 

Alexander Horsemanship

Trains out of Corsica, Pennsylvania 

Leanne Wildman 

LMW Horsemanship 

Trains out of Wickenburg, AZ 

Dani Jeitz 

Trains out of Valley Springs, California 

Heidi Shoemaker