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Guthrie Mayor "MJ's" Online Program  

Instructional Videos on the groundwork, riding work, liberty work and tricks that he will be learning over the next year.  

Brandi Specializes in Teaching.

Known throughout the industry as the best teacher.  She has a way of breaking things down so that they are understandable and relatable.  

This is an incredible opportunity to watch in chronological order of exactly how she would work a horse from beginning to end.  Go with her on this journey and take your own horse with you.


Build a Relationship 

Watch how Brandi uses simple techniques and exercises to build a trusting bond.

  • Industry-leading techniques
  • Step-by-step tutorials

 Ground Work 

MJ has to learn Everything!  

  • Basic Ground Manners
  • Bathing/Clipping/Grooming 
  • To tie/cross tie/ground tie
  • Liberty and Tricks 


Riding Work 

Be apart of MJ learning everything from the fundamentals to performance maneuvers.  

  • Directional Control
    • Straight lines. circles, leg yields and half passes.  
  • Speed Control
    • Stops, slow jog, working trot, extended trot, collected lope and extended lope.   
  • Maneuvers
    • Rollbacks, spins, working a flag, sidepass and much more... 

Lesson 1 

Brandi arrives at the 6666 Ranch and starts teaching you how she catches him  and teaches him to load.


Video 1 of more than 100! 

One Time Payment


  • One year of training and access to videos in chronological order.  

12 Monthly Payments


  • One year of training and access to videos in chronological order.